S.W.I.C.O. asks that you keep your group/meetings registered with them and keep them current.  They now won't be able to put your meeting on the printed schedule or website if your group/meeting does not have a registered contact.  Please see the contact page to do this and help your group and the central office!  Thanks! 

(webmaster email please use this and jpeg images.)

New meetings must now be active or valid for a minimum of 6 months to be listed on the printed or website schedule.  We will post any new meeting flyers on this announcement page to help you publicize and  get the word out!   If your meeting does cease to exist, please let SWICO know. In addition, if you email to the above email address we can remove the announcement from this page when it either 1.) Lasts 6 months and is printed on the schedule and updated on the website schedule, or 2.) It ceases to exist.  Just let us know, thanks for serving the Southwestern Indiana Central Office ( S.W.I.C.O.)


Email us your announcements:  If you have any flyers about new meetings or information that doesn't have flyers please mailto: